September 6, 2011

Off the Road Again

I'm back! I'm definitely back in Atlanta and hopefully back into my blog as well. As of this month I'm once again focused on the Southeast, but now as an independent lean and agile coach.

Working with Pillar Technology was fun. They are a great bunch of people and have some amazing programmer talent. I'm glad I followed Mike Cottmeyer to Pillar and really enjoyed working with him. I can't thank him enough for the help he gave me early on. I'm appreciative of the slack and the support Matt VanVleet gave me. Working with Pillar also gave me lots of opportunity to work with and be challenged by Matt Barcomb. Always a plus. But going independent gives Pillar and I some relief from the costs and pressures of my travel to the Northeast.

I am engaged with a great client here in Sandy Springs but my calendar through the end of the year isn't full. Help me fill it! I’d enjoy talking through your projects and the challenges they bring and how we can work together. Let's meet up. Give me a call or drop me an email.

These last couple of years I've re-learned how passionate I am about coaching and training. I've never had more joy from work than when I help a team improve their environment and see their appreciation. I've been blessed to be able to do that as part of my job from '99 through '09. And I have been even more blessed to make it my sole focus since then.

Each context is different, a unique challenge requiring a unique prescription. I'm looking forward to bringing this passion and experience to new challenges, in your context, to your environment.


  1. hit me up. let's do lunch!

  2. Great things in store for you Andrew. Your passion is obvious and very encouraging. Best of luck!!