November 15, 2012

Sketchnotes of Agile Immersion

Here are the sketchnotes from my November Agile Immersion workshop.

These sketchnotes were done by a business partner of mine, Jenny Trautman of evenview. Sketchnotes aren't the main thing evenview does -- sketchnotes are an artifact. What evenview does is help people bring innovative strategies into focus. They lead fun, high-energy meetings using interactive visuals that draw a team together. With their support, groups collaborate to develop a shared vision, create a plan for action, and implement their ideas. Use them for your next strategy meeting or kickoff.

By the way, this workshop is designed for everyone. No agile experience or programming skills required. All types of roles have found it benefical: product managers, marketers, managers, office managers, business development executives, developers, testers, CFOs, and etc. Check out this interesting blog post from a recent non-developer attendee.