June 1, 2005

Be specific

We were having a problem at work that we just couldn't solve. I had my best engineers on it. I looked at it myself multiple times. Toby tried lots of stuff, even reinstalling things. We thought about it and worked on it for three weeks. I even got BEA's support staff involved. The application worked just fine on the previous imaged hard drive. We couldn't find anything on the new hard drive image that could break our application. How frustrating. I was feeling like we had gained no ground and were spending all our time on this issue. We finally figured it out, but what's interesting is how:

I prayed specifically to gain some ground on one of two issues we were having. As soon as I was done praying, BAM! God gave me the solution. I walked over to the computer, tried it, and it worked!


I believe God answered that one so swiftly because He knew there would be co-workers around that would ask how I came up with the solution -- that He would be praised and so that it could be shown that He is active in our lives and in our company.

I often pray about work. It's generally a generic prayer for help or wisdom or for the lost, but the results are far greater when I get specific.