March 27, 2005

Easter: The Resurrection of the Christ

The Greek historian and physician Luke wrote a fascinating account of the resurrection of the Christ, which picks up where Mel Gibson's wildly popular film The Passion of the Christ leaves off. After his resurrection from the dead, Jesus appeared 11 times over 40 days to more than 500 people! It's a fact. Jesus is alive. Read Luke's account.

Everyone has sinned and the punishment for that sin is separation from God. Jesus took our punishment for us -- he died in our place for our sin. He was separated from God for a short time, but he conquered death because he was sinless. Everyone who accepts this free gift gets to spend eternity in paradise. Everyone who rejects this gift will suffer eternal punishment for their sin. They will suffer eternal separation from God. And that is hell.

There is an afterlife and everyone, including you, will be in it. Where will you be then?

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