Agile Coaching

Fuqua Consulting LLC focuses on helping ISVs and IT organizations improve time to market, market responsiveness and quality. The company's Principal and Senior Lean/Agile Coach, Andrew Fuqua, has a passion for building great teams who build great software. An important aspect of this is to help a team improve their interrelationships, their environment, and their process.

Teaching and encouraging the use of SOLID design principles and good software development practices like pair programming and test-driven development is part of our offering. These are crucial for supporting team agility.

Fuqua Consulting, LLC readily takes on engagements of all sizes. An example small engagement might be to conduct an Agile Readiness Assessment or to help your team get to the next level with more effective retrospectives. Check out our How To Engage an Agile Coach blog post for additional ideas. For the largest engagements, Fuqua Consulting LLC works with its network of agile experts and executive coaches.

Not a newcomer to agile, Andrew Fuqua starting using eXtreme Programming in 1999 and helped start the Agile Atlanta user group in May 2001. Andrew Fuqua has more than 25 years of experience programming, managing programmers, and coaching teams. He has held positions in management, product management, development and consulting at companies like Internet Security Systems, Allure Global, IBM and Pillar Technology. Andrew earned a BS and MS in computer science and has an MBA from Duke University.