November 21, 2014

Repair a Leaky Cuisinart

My Cuisinart Grind and Brew developed a leak. There was a small hole in the plumbing. It would leak all over the counter. That made it more of a Cussinart in my household. Here's how I fixed it with a little metal epoxy that I got from the local hardware store.

Most of the posts I see online about leaky Cuisinarts blame a clogged thermos lid, using too much coffee, using too finely ground coffee, or a clogged filter. If yours is leaking clear water like mine did, the problem isn't any of those. Before I opened it up I suspected a leaky hose or a cracked reservoir (though there really shouldn't be any reason for the reservoir to crack).

There are 4 hex or torx-bit screws holding the bottom panel on. My tools weren't skinny or long enough to fit in the narrow hole, so I just drilled the holes out. I probably used a 7/16" bit.

When I opened it up I saw a rusty (and cheap) clamp on those big orange hoses. I thought that might be the problem. But I also saw some discoloration in a spot on the aluminum pipe. Now that I had the bottom off I filled it up with water to find the source of the leak. I saw that it was leaking from the aluminum. So, I sanded the area of the leak and cleaned it off. That made the hole more visible. I patched it with some epoxy made for metals that I got from the local hardware store. The smallest size cost $6 and is much much more than I'll ever need, but that's cheaper than a new Cussi..., er, Cuisinart.

Since I drilled out the bottom I can't just reattach it with the original screws. I'll use a little glue (not too much) to hold the bottom on. Superglue might work. JB Weld would work well. Some other assorted craft glues that I have lying around should work.

If yours has a leaky hose, that should likewise be an easy fix. You can get a new hose from your hardware store. Zip-ties and new clamps are easy to come by.

Good luck! Let me know if you find this useful.


  1. I just found the same leak on mine. The screws in the bottom are T10 security torx. I was able to buy a driver off of ebay for less than $3. My leak appears to be under the clip that holds the sensor on to the heater.

  2. my problem is as you describe only my brewer leaks for the first cup or two and stops. a full carafe of 12 cups will net 10ish. So why does it stop leaking or did you experience the same? Thank you!

    1. I don't think I experienced that. My guess would be that you have a small hole that is perhaps sealed as the heating element heats up and expands. My repair, by the way, eventually failed after about a year, and my 2nd repair created an odor that my wife disliked, so the unit ended up in the trash. Good luck!

  3. Your finding is spot on! I opened mine expecting a damaged hose, but found rust at on the heating element. My leak looks like is in the crevice. I need a high temperature epoxy to seal that. I don't want to contribute to our ever growing landfill so will try to fix this leak.